Function and usage of allicin powder

Allicin powder introduction
Allicin powder is premix compound formed
by garlic oil adsorbing some carrier. White and floating thin powder.

Allicin powder: 10%, 25%, premix agent

Function and usage:

1. Wide spectrum antibacterial, strong bacteriostasis property. Allicin
has good effect on fester cheek, reddish flecks, enteritis, and bleeding of
fish, shrimp, crab, and turtle caused by various infection, and has significant
effect on disease of digestive tract, respiratory disease, dermatosis, and their
complicating disease of livestock and poultry caused by gram-positive and
gram-negative bacterium, such as diarrhea caused by dysentery and typhoid
bacillus, pneumonia and bronchitis caused by pasteurella, and suppurative
dermatosis caused by staphylococcus and pseudomonas pyocyanea. Adding allicin in
the feedstuff can effectively restrict the growth of mildew, with best mildew
resistant effect. Additionally, it expels worms, strengthens body, increase
appetite and enhance immunity function for livestock, poultry, fish, and shrimp,
with no side effect, insecticide residue, or insecticide tolerance.

Used as flavoring agent and phagostimulant to improve feedstuff quality. The
garlic is of thick and natural aroma and can replace other flavoring agent in
feedstuff. Adding 50-150ppm allicin in the feedstuff can improve peculiar smell
of feedstuff and stimulate fish, livestock and poultry to produce strong food
calling effect and increase appetite.

3. Increase immunity and promote
growth. Allicin has best health care function. Adding allicin in the feedstuff
can make the animal with bright fur and strong body, increase disease
resistance, reduce feed consumption, improve egg production (for hen), promote
growth and livability of fish, livestock and poultry.


1) 100-150mm
2) Allicin content: 8%-25%
3) Height concentrated garlic
powder than usual air dried garlic powder from 8:1 to