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Garlic News Garlic production in China From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search Garlic output in 2005 shown as a percentage of the top produce

GARLIC INFORMATION What is Garlic Garlic, (species Allium sativum), bulbous perennial plant of the lily family (Liliaceae). The plant’s bulbs are used as a flavouring. A classic ingredient in many national cuisines, garlic has a powerful, onionlike aroma and pungent

私たちに関して 2000年に創出されたYafod国際有限会社は、中国の主要なニンニク専門輸出会社です。 私たちは中国山東省に独自のニンニク生産拠点を持っています。 私たちは1年を通して世界中

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Chinese Garlic Varieties and Sizes China produces 75% of the garlic in the world, according to the FAO. The most famous garlic we supply includes: normal white and pure white garlic of Shandong, Henan and Pizhou, high mountain organic purple garlic and single clove garlic of Yunnan.

Store Garlic Germination, Storage and Transportation of Garlic Abstract This article discusses the mechanism of garlic germination growth under different temperature settings, and ways to store and transport garlic for long distance shipment. It also discusses

Processing Click above to see how we process garlic Using the bamboo filter to remove the loose skins on the garlic bulbs and hand processing the garlic Loading gensets      &nbs

Quality Standards COMMON QUALITY STANDARD FOR GARLIC REGULATION 2288/97 Note: EC2288/97 was published on 19/11/97 and came into force on 1st January 1998 as marketing standards for garlic for European Union. I. DEFINITION OF PRODUCE This standa

Artificial Garlic Besides real garlic, we also sell artificial garlic and vegetables. See picture below. 1.Material: Foam&PU 2.Description:different size&color are available, 3.Packing: 300PCS/CTN 4.Minimum order: 1500PCS 5.Carton Size:&nbs

Garlic Art Besides real garlic, we also sell artificial garlic and vegetables, as well as garlic paintings. See pictures below.

Garlic Press We also sell stainless steel garlic press used to crush garlic into minced garlic.

Garlic Peeling Machine Feature This unit is a dry washing machine of high value (garlic is not going through water washing) . The principles of the machine applying advanced air compressing technique to peel off naturally, which may guarantee the quality of garlic clove and the hig

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