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For all inquiries, please use our online order or send e-mails to:


For live online Skype chat, please try click any of the following icons and chat with any one of us who is online:


Alternatively, you may contact us at our global offices listed below:

Yafod International Limited

China Headquarter Office

Contact: Mr. Gao Lifeng, General Manager

Tel.: +86-532-66563168; +86-15726255021
Mobile: +86-13906397051;
Fax: +86 532-85787901
e-mail: sales@prettygarlic.com
Skype: prettygarlic
Address: 2-2-1501, No.113, Jiangxi Rd., Qingdao, China 266071

Contact: Ms. Monica Fu, Sales Manager
Tel.: +86-532-66563168; +86-15726255021 
Mobile: +86-13808974659
Fax: +86 532-85787901
e-mail: monica@prettygarlic.com
MSN: MonicaFu_China@hotmail.com
Address: 2-2-1501, No.113, Jiangxi Rd., Qingdao, China 266071

Contact: Ms. Anna Barbosa, Sales (Portuguese Language)

Tel.: +86-532-66563168; +86-15726255021 

Mobile/Whatsapp: +86-18682144209

E-mail: anna@prettygarlic.com

Address: 2-2-1501, No.113, Jiangxi Rd., Qingdao, China 266071 

Americas Office:

Contact: Mr. John Huang, Overseas Representative
Add.: 570 Starboard Dr., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3M 4T2
TEL. : +1-902-4882588
FAX : +1-902-4463750 
E-mail: john@prettygarlic.com
Skype: szbizsz

Sri Lanka Office :

S. M. Hussain Zaidi


Exporters of Sri Lanka Agro Produce such as : Coconut & their By-Products, Cinnamon etc

No. 180 Prince of Wale’s Avenue, Colombo – 14, Sri Lanka.

Tel : 0094 – 765 677 764             Email : zaidi@prettygarlic.combhaijan09@yahoo.com

Skype : siddikfoods.supplies       QQ : 1497121311                         website : www.prettygarlic.com

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