Technical details of the beans we deal:

1) LSKB Round Shape Huanan Origin HPS 220/ 100G and 250/100g
2) LSKB Round Shape Xinjiang Origin HPS 160-175/100G
3) LSKB Oval Shape Sichuan origin HPS 200/100g
4) Dark Red Kidney Beans Shanxi origin 210/100g
5) LSKB Long Shape, North-east Origin HPS 250-270/100g
6) LSKB Pinto Type North-east Origin HPS 190-210/100G
7) Black Kidney beans North-east Origin HPS 550-600/100g ,
8) White Kidney Beans Japanese Type 440/100g; 425/100g; 400/100g and 320/100g
9) LWKB Yunnan origin. HPS 40-45/100g ;45-50/100g;50-55/100g; 60-65/100g;70-75/100g; 80-85/100g

The above goods' from specification are all HPS, moisture:16%max. admixture:0.5%max. imperfect:3%max. the follow is Machine select

1) Dark Red Kidney Beans Machine Select 4fcls FAQ 210-220/100g admixture: 1%max. imperfect: 10%max.
2) Purple Speckled Kidney Beans Machine Select 30fcls FAQ 250-270/100g admixture: 1%max. Imperfect: 10%max.
3) Small Red Kidney Beans Inner Mongolia HPS 2fcls admixture: 0.2%max. imperfect: 2%max
4) Small Red Kidney Beans Inner Mongolia. or Machine Select 2fcls admixture: 1%max. imperfect: 6%max.
5) Chickpeas Kabuli Type, Machine Select.6fcls Admixture: 0.5%max. imperfect: 6%max.