Garlic Oil

Garlic Oil

garlic oil

1. Heath Benefits

For cardiovascular
disease: it appears to be effective for risky factors responsible for
cardiovascular diseases and low blood level occlusive disease to prevent blood
vessel wall from depositing, thus, to reduce blood pressure, due to natural
inhibitor named gamma glutamine-cystein in garlic.

Anti-microbial effects: garlic is a natural
anti-biotic. It shows significant anti-fungal activities, inhibiting growth of
Aspergillus, Candida and Paracoccidoides brasiliensis. Garlic can increase body
activities against AIDS virus, to promote phogocytosis and stimulate immune
cells to fight bacterial and viral infections.

Anti-tumor activities: it inhibits tumor cell
metabolism, prevents the initiation and reproduction of cancer cells, helps
liver to detoxify carcinogens and other dangerous chemicals and minimizes
stomach cancer, in addition to dramatically reducing the adducts in
deoxyribonucleic acid and inactivating human gastric lipase, which is a
sulphydryl enzyme involved in digestion and dietary fat absorption.

Antioxidant activities: it
functions as antioxidant by inhibiting leukocytes interaction to mediate release
of super oxide anions. Hence, gastric has the benefits of ant-fatigue and
anti-aging. Vitamins in the capsule stabilizes cell membrane, prevent LDL from
oxidation. The capsule of garlic oil can also help those who have problems of
digestive, asthma and rheumatism.

Activating sexual desire effects: suitable for people losing sexual
power, including sex nervous exhaustion and sexual dysfunction.

Directions: in the early
months, take 3 times daily with one capsule each time. When you feel better than
before, you can take 2 - 3 times daily with one capsule each time.

Precautions: go with foods at
the same time. Swallow the capsule without chewing. There isn't any aftertaste
because the capsules are dissolved in the intestinal system.

Suggestions: eat more food
containing vitamins and minerals instead of food containing fat and high
cholesterol, smoke less and drink less, do more physical exercises.

2. Product Packing

1). Bulk packing: 20/50kg

2.) Capsules Inner

120 - 200 capsules/plastic