Pomelo is the largest citrus fruit in China.

Weight per piece various form 0.75kgs to 2.5kgs or even up. It is oval-round shaped with 10-30cm of diameter.

Skin: Greenish yellow or light yellow, smooth on the surface and white spongy under the surface.
Flesh: Juicy, semi-transparent and nice looking..
Taste: Light sweet and sour.
Function: Nutritious, hygienic, can do much good to blood, lung and throat etc.


Sizes (weight per piece):1-1.50kg,1.50-1.75kg,1.75kg and up;

Packing: In transparent constrictive plastic film,10kgs/12kgs/13kgs per carton;

Available period: From middle September to December.

A 40' container without plates can usually hold about 18000kgs of pomelo.